Anhui Entrepreneurship Star | Tang Kaijian: Keep up with the pace of the times, every day is the "spring" of entrepreneurship
From: People's Daily Chuzhou Entering Anhui Xinbo Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. in Tianchang City, Anhui Province, and visiting the corporate culture exhibition hall, it feels as though time has reversed 17 years, to when this first listed company in Tianchang City was merely a township enterprise with only two extrusion production lines. From its modest beginnings with over 50 employees to its present workforce of nearly 5,000; from occupying 180 acres to expanding across five major bases covering over 1,800 acres; from two initial production lines to a staggering 140 lines of diverse capabilities—this remarkable transformation is credited to the guidance of Tang Kaijian. In 2002, at the age of 24, Tang Kaijian, freshly returned from military service, confronted a pivotal decision: remain within the familiar confines of home or venture forth to shape his destiny. Instilled with the ethos of diligence and innovation during his military tenure, Tang opted for the latter path, a choice that would define his entrepreneurial journey. He embarked on his odyssey in Jiangsu Province, commencing as a salesman at Zhangjiagang Xinhong Aluminum Development Co., Ltd., thus initiating his immersion in the aluminum industry. His subsequent tenure in Suqian, where he ascended from salesman to company executive, enriched his understanding and network within the industry, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavors. During the tumultuous backdrop of the 2007 global financial crisis, Jiangsu's manufacturing sector grappled with a severe downturn, compelling Tang Kaijian to recalibrate his trajectory. Coincidentally, Tianchang unveiled initiatives such as "Phoenix Returns to the Nest," extending an inviting hand to its dispersed populace, urging them to spearhead local entrepreneurship Driven by a vision to excel and contribute to strategic industries, Tang Kaijian relinquished a lucrative position, rallying fellow villagers from Jiangsu to establish Anhui Xinfa Aluminum Co., Ltd., the precursor to Xinbo. This pivotal moment marked the inception of his entrepreneurial odyssey. "Our original goal was to become frontrunners in the Yangtze River Delta's aluminum sector. To achieve this, foresight and continuous progress were essential," Tang reflected, emphasizing the importance of staying aligned with current trends and national objectives. Under Tang Kaijian's stewardship, Xinbo adeptly anticipated and capitalized on market trends, transitioning seamlessly from architectural profiles to cutting-edge ventures like photovoltaic aluminum frames and new energy vehicle parts. The zenith of this evolution was reached on February 10, 2021, with the debut of Anhui Xinbo Aluminum Co., Ltd. on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This pivotal milestone marked a watershed moment for Tianchang, establishing it as the first listed company in Tianchang. Today, the production of Xinbo thrums with activity, as it proudly displays a diverse range of aluminum products to meet the dynamic demands of the market. From architectural and industrial profiles to cutting-edge components designed for new energy applications, Xinbo stands at the forefront of innovation, adeptly responding to evolving industry needs. With groundbreaking projects such as the "annual production of 70,000 tons of new rail transit and photovoltaic new energy aluminum profiles" and the "annual production of 100,000 tons of photovoltaic aluminum components" coming to fruition, Tang Kaijian's visionary journey has transformed into tangible reality. Looking ahead to pioneering new frontiers within the aluminum industry, Tang Kaijian radiates confidence, expressing, "With courage and adaptability, every day presents an opportunity for entrepreneurial growth." Reporter: Zhou Kun
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