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鑫铂股份特聘俄罗斯工程院院士、俄罗斯宇航科学院院士、国家铝合金材料协同创新平台首席专家张新明及其科研团队共建院士工作站, 共同推动科技创新能力, 加速科技成果转化,从全球视野、前沿思维、战略维度,对关键技术攻坚克难,推动形成创新、创研、创优的铝型材产业生态,为打造具有行业竞争力的铝产品提供有力的技术支撑。

  • Xinming Zhang Zhang Xinming, professor of Central South University, doctoral supervisor, chief scientist of Aluminum 973 project, born in December 1945, Ph. D. in metal science and metal Physics, Polytechnical University of Aachen, Germany, chief professor of the State Key discipline of Materials Processing Engineering, Central South University, Chief professor of the doctoral program of Materials Computational Science and Virtual Engineering; Chief expert of the national Collaborative innovation platform for aluminum alloy materials; Director, China Light Metal Research Center, Ministry of Science and Technology; Director of Expert Committee of Guangdong Aluminum-Magnesium Production-University-Research Alliance; Strategic member of the National New Materials Industry Development Strategy Advisory Committee; Two chief scientists of the National Aluminum 973 project; Member of the Russian Academy of Engineering, Member of the Russian Academy of Astronautics; Member of the Belarusian Academy of Engineering Sciences. 2001-2010, Member of the Materials Science and Engineering Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, Deputy Director of the Metal Materials Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering Teaching Steering Sub-Committee; Won the national Science and technology progress Award first class 2, second class 1, provincial level science and technology progress first prize 6; He won the Outstanding Individual Award for Pre-research of the General Armament Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Hunan Excellent Teacher Award, the Hunan Guangzhao Science and Technology Award, the Chinalco Cooperation Award and other awards. Won 42 invention patents of aluminum-magnesium alloy and preparation and processing technology, and one outstanding patent award; Revised capacitor aluminum foil national standard two; 193 papers and 2 monographs were retrieved by SCI. More than 130 doctors and masters have been trained.

  • Jianguo Tang Jianguo Tang received his PhD in Materials Processing Engineering from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University. He is currently a professor of Materials Processing at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University, mainly engaged in the research of texture and microstructure characterization, design and control technology of metal materials. He presided over the final assembly of 1 "863" project, 2 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, and a number of sub-projects of national major basic research projects. As a technical backbone, he has won one national Science and Technology Progress First prize and one second prize each, one Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress First Prize and one Chinese University Science and Technology Progress First prize, and a number of China Non-ferrous Metal Industry science and Technology first prizes.

  • Feiqing Li Feiqing Li, the deputy chief engineer of Anhui Xinbo Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., graduated from the Materials Processing major at Central South University. During his postgraduate studies, he participated in the "Aluminum Alloy Advanced Manufacturing" project under the National "Eleventh Five-Year" support plan.Since joining the workforce, he has been engaged in frontier applied technology research on the preparation, forming, and deep processing of high-end aluminum alloy materials for new energy photovoltaics, rail transit, and automobiles. In 2019, he was rated as a Metallurgical Senior Engineer by the Jiangsu Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. In 2020, he was introduced as a Class D high-level talent in Chuzhou City. In 2023, he was appointed as an off-campus master's tutor at Central South University. He also served as a member of the Anhui Provincial Technical Committee for Ceramic Aluminum and Aluminum-based Materials from 2022 to 2025.He has led over 10 research and development projects for the company, obtained more than 10 patents, and realized multiple product results for industrial application.

鑫铂-中南大学材料学院天长合金材料研究院(名称暂定),由鑫铂股份、天长市人民政府、中南大学材料与工程学院发起成立, 重点关注铝合金的新型轻质材料,结构一体化、智能化、柔性化设计与制造技术的研发,打造绿色、环保、高效、高精度、可循环使用的合金型材新优势, 满足市场对高性能、高质量、环保型合金材料的需求,带动相关产业链的发展,促进区域经济的发展,提升合金材料及其加工制备在安徽省乃至全国范围的产业地位。

  • Development planning Focusing on the major needs in the field of alloy materials at the national level, carry out continuous, reserve and forward-looking research; Focusing on the major key common problems of the alloy industry in Anhui Province and Chuzhou City, carry out technical research and new product development, and realize the industrialization of research results; By strengthening industry-university-research cooperation research and international exchanges and cooperation, we will establish an efficient operation mechanism and management model that is conducive to the development, transformation and radiation of achievements, realize a virtuous circle of economic development, technological research and development, and talent construction, and eventually become a scientific and technological economic entity that operates independently.

  • Research Topic 1. Design, preparation and R&D and industrialization of high-strength corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and extrusion profiles
             2. Development of key technologies for high-strength and high-toughness aluminum alloy battery trays for new energy vehicles

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