Xinbo Co., Ltd.'s 2024 "Safety Production Month" knowledge competition activity started wonderfully

June is the season of harvest, and June is also the 23rd safety month in the country. At this important moment, Xinbo Co., Ltd. actively responded to the national call and carefully planned a variety of safety month activities with the theme of "everyone talks about safety, everyone can meet the emergency - unblocking the passage of life". This activity includes online safety culture publicity, offline safety knowledge competition, investigation and rectification of safety hazards in various regions of the company, etc. It aims to improve the safety awareness of all employees and jointly create a safe and stable production environment.微信图片_20240626133603.jpg

Today, the two-day offline safety knowledge competition officially kicked off in the staff canteen of Xinbo Technology! On the first day of the activity, many front-line employees participated in the production, and the atmosphere was warm and tense. The competitive questions cover safety production regulations, operating procedures, emergency treatment, firefighting knowledge and other aspects. The contestants showed their magical on the "Happy Safety Track" step by step, showing their high attention and enthusiasm for safety production.微信图片_20240626133605.jpg

This activity combines education with fun, allowing employees to have an in-depth understanding of safety knowledge in the process of answering interesting and cheerful questions, master emergency skills, improve their ability to deal with emergency safety incidents, and further promote the company's safety production management.

The harvest of June symbolizes the joy of harvest and the precipitation of results. In this special month, we expect each employee to enhance safety awareness and responsibility awareness through in-depth participation in the safety production month activities to ensure that the workshop can unblock the safe life channel.微信图片_20240626133607.jpg

Safe production is no small matter. I hope that every employee can cherish every harvest brought by this activity like a farmer cherishes every grain of rice, and jointly build a strong line of defense for the safe production of the enterprise. Safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. Xinbo Co., Ltd. will continue to take the "Safety Production Month" as an opportunity to actively carry out various safety publicity activities, strengthen employee safety education and training, and continuously improve the company's safety management level.

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