Xinbo Co., Ltd. held a fun garden party for the Dragon Boat Festival, and all members broke through the holiday.

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, in order to enrich the spare time of employees and plant traditional cultural genes, Xinbo Co., Ltd. held a unique Dragon Boat Festival garden party. The activity attracted the extensive participation of technical workers in the production workshop, security teams, and administrative staff, and the atmosphere at the scene was warm and joyful. 


This garden tour has set up a number of creative and interesting customs clearance projects, including fun bowling, shooting five poisons, throwing pots, and a set of goose. Each project skillfully integrates the traditional elements of the Dragon Boat Festival and the fun of modern games, which not only tests the skills and wisdom of the participants, but also is full of laughter.


In the fun bowling project, the employees showed extraordinary skills, holding basketballs, rolling on the ground, knocking down the mineral water bottles on the customs clearance road one by one, and the applause and cheers came one after another. The "Five Poisons Terminator" link combines traditional customs with modern competition. Participants hold bows and arrows and aim at the five poisons pattern on the bullseye, which means to expel evil and pray for health. Every arrow shot shows the pursuit of health and a better life. In the process of throwing pots, after many rounds of failures, the employees summarized the lessons, adjusted their strategies, and finally struggled, and the arrows in their hands steadily fell into the pot in the distance. "Goose Circle Sniper" comes from the most popular Internet celebrity game "Set of Goose". The game extremely tests the throwing skills of the participants, and the company's retired soldiers steadily occupy the absolute advantage. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, everyone enjoyed the fun of the activity.


Fun and breakthrough activities go in parallel, and joy and traditional culture are integrated. The interesting activity of the Dragon Boat Festival of Xinbo Co., Ltd. not only promotes the physical and mental health of employees, but also integrates and carries forward Chinese traditional culture, adding another color to the company's rich humanistic style. In the future, Xinbo Co., Ltd. will continue to hold more colorful cultural activities to create a more harmonious and warm working environment for employees.

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