The 2024 " Village BA " King of Ball Championship Chuzhou Tianchang District Competition was grandly opened at Xinbo Arena


Recently, the first "Village BA" championship in Chuzhou Tianchang District was successfully held at Xinbo Arena. The competition was hosted by the "Village BA" organizing committee and Beijing Zhongzi Sports, organized by Tianchang Basketball Association, and sponsored by the well-known brand "Zhonghua Toothpaste". The competition was strongly supported by many mainstream media such as CCTV Agricultural and Rural Channel, CCTV Video, Guizhou Radio and Television Station, etc. Xinbo Arena brought an unforgettable basketball feast to the players and spectators of the Tianchang District Competition with professional services and unique operations.

" Village BA " evolved from the "June 6" New Year's Day basketball game in Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. It became popular and famous at home and abroad because the game embodies the purity of basketball and the down-to-earth game style. This " Village BA " King of Ball Competition is based on provinces, and multiple competition areas have been set up in provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) across the country. The winning teams in each competition area will have the opportunity to go to Guizhou to make friends through ball and carry out " Village BA " exchange competitions.

Xinbo Arena is located in Xinbo Park in Yangcun Town. Since its construction, it has hosted many Tianchang City "Beautiful Countryside" basketball leagues. With its professional facilities and meticulous services, the arena has played an important role in the development of sports events in Yangcun Town and the activities of the Tianchang Basketball Association. The Tianchang Regional Competition of the Village BA King Championship was chosen to be held in Xinbo Arena, which is not only a high recognition of the arena's hardware facilities, but also an important promotion for the development of Tianchang City's sports industry.

Over the years, Xinbo Arena has worked closely with organizers of various events in Tianchang City . The construction and operation of the arena has greatly promoted the development of sports in Yangcun Town. By hosting various sports events and activities, it has stimulated the enthusiasm of residents to participate in sports and improved the overall sports level. The successful holding of the Tianchang Regional Competition of the Village BA King Championship not only brought a wonderful sports feast to the citizens of Tianchang, but also further enhanced the popularity and influence of Xinbo Arena. As a new business card of the city and an important platform for the development of sports, Xinbo Arena will continue to play its positive role in promoting the development of local sports and bring better viewing experience to more sports enthusiasts.


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