Leading by benchmarks, creating a standard "Xin" Xinbo held a launching meeting for the comprehensive implementation of the standardization system construction


In recent years, with the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of economic structure, new changes and new situations in the international trade situation, as well as the development of new technologies and new concepts such as Industry 4.0, Internet+, and intelligent manufacturing, new opportunities and challenges have been brought to the construction of enterprise standardization systems.

In order to actively respond to challenges, improve work thinking and transform service concepts, Xinbo recently held a launch meeting for the comprehensive implementation of standardization system construction in the company's Aspiration Hall. Liu Hanxun, the company's deputy general manager, attended the meeting. More than 50 people from various functional departments of the company and relevant departments of its subsidiaries participated in the meeting. Yu Zhenfei, manager of the company's human resources department, presided over the meeting.

At the launch meeting, the Human Resources Department released the overall plan for the construction of the standardization system and interpreted the plan. The plan is based on the principles of scientificity, guidance and practicality, combines theory with practice, draws on the development strategy of domestic standardization, uses basic and general principles and methods, and focuses on solving the problems of "what to do" and "how to do it" based on the operating mechanism, new technologies and key and difficult issues in the transformation process of the company's current standardization.


Liu Hanxun, the company's deputy general manager, summarized that standardization is the foundation of enterprise management. The company's decision to fully implement the construction of a standardization system is a guarantee for achieving sustainable development, a key to improving product and service quality to meet customer needs, and a necessary path for the company to go international. Mr. Liu emphasized that through the construction of a standardization system, Xinbo will achieve five "bests", namely, optimal process optimization, optimal resource allocation, maximum cost control and best quality assurance. At the same time, under the existing economic environment, a complete standardization system will help to respond quickly to market changes. It not only enables Xinbo to remain invincible in the industrial transformation, but also enables it to carve out a "Xin" world in the global competition. This launch meeting sounded the clarion call for the company's standardization construction work. In the future, Xinbo will take standardization as a starting point, continue to deepen the core, continuously improve system construction, promote the company's high-quality development, and create more value for society.

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